Toto – something typically Japanese

toto washlet
The first thing I did after I getting off the plane in Japan was to use the bathroom at Narita airport. What I found there was a ‘Toto’ toilet which – how I later found out – was simply THE one and only toilet brand used by seemingly 99% of all Japanese households, companies and institutions.

Of course there are several types of Toto toilets and washlets. And what else to expect of Japanese toilets: most of them are very high-tech. Even at Narita airport they use a Toto type with bidet inside and various other technical aspects.

toilet slippersAnother interesting characteristic of many Japanese women seems to be, that most of them are embarrassed if someone hears them urinating. Therefore in most Japanese public toilets you will find a Toto toilet type which has an artificial ‘flushing sound’. You can press a button while urinating and everyone will hear this artificially sounding tone of a toilet flushing while you are passing water. Well, for those who are embarrassed maybe this is really a useful gadget…

Toilet slippers are by the way another typical accessories used in Japanese toilets… anyone interested to find out more should read this article on Wikipedia.

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