Pecha Kucha in Tokyo

I had to come to Tokyo in order to experience the first Pecha Kucha Night of my life. After I somehow never managed to go to a Pecha Kucha Night in Berlin this was a really nice coincidence and I am thinking about doing a Pecha Kucha speech or presentation myself someday…? Maybe…

Anyway, anyone who likes to hear people talk about what they do or what they experienced or what they think about and if anyone furthermore likes visual presentations, you should try this and go to a Pecha Kucha or even start Pecha Kucha yourself in your hometown, -city or -village. Check out to find out more about how it workes and how it all started.

Pecha Kucha Night No. 45

At the 45th Pecha Kucha Night at the SuperDeluxe near Roppongi Hills I liked one of presentation best, which showed some funny knitting objects which were made of everyday life objects. I am not sure who held this particular presentation, but it might have been them: HARADA MASAHIRO + HARADA MAO : Mount Fuji Architects Studio

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