Easter rabbits

April 9th, 2007

I do not want to make the impression I am a rabbit fan or bunny maniac… although I have written about rabbits several times here so far. Well, this is just a post for Easter. Some rabbits I found on the way walking around in Berlin Mitte yesterday. To everyone reading this: hope you have (had) nice Easter holidays.

Rabbit on the street

Easter greetings

Streetart – Rabbits on the way

February 28th, 2007

Driving my bike to Wedding I always pass by some inlay rabbits. It’s an art project I like because it’s subtle in a way.

Karla Sachse created this “Kaninchenfeld” (field of rabbits) in 1999 to remind of the border crossing “Chausseestrasse”. The rabbits symbolise the peaceful inhabitants here and there of the “Todesstreifen” (strip of death).


February 27th, 2007

Okay, I finally had to do it and created my own profile on MySpace: www.myspace.com/juliation.

Well, I guess this is just another way of “part of a public community” as this blog here is, too. But I’ll see if it will evolve some new experiences on the web…?

A very special anti-theft device

November 26th, 2006

The gardeners of Berlin ‘Tiergarten’ seem to be very progressive. They have installed anti-theft devices for certain plants, as a sign indicates saying “secured against theft” (in German: “Gegen Diebstahl gesichert”).

Anti-theft device for plants

Next time I’ll drive by there, I might be tempted to check out how this device actually works!? So far I could not find this “anti-theft device for plants” in any gardening-store or home-improvement store…. if anyone has a hint on this, please let me know…

(By the way, in Britain there is a patent on an “anti-theft device for plants” since March 2001 which is owned by Edward J. Hoyle.)

The Table of Free Voices

September 9th, 2006

dropping knowledge today finally realised what they had been working on for many years: The Table of Free Voices took place in Berlin on the Bebelplatz – quite a symbolic gesture as on this place ten thousands of books were burned by the Nazis.

In February 2004 when I first heard about the idea of dropping knowledge e.V., I was impressed by it right away. Shortly after, I decided to write my final thesis about some aspects of the project. Since I’ve spent months thinking about the project and analysing it (mainly its visual language), I was very excited to actually see it happen and personally take a look at the recording of the answers asked at the round table.

Anyone reading this, please go and have a look at their website: www.droppingknoweldge.org and spread the word and maybe even participate in further asking and answering questions essential to you and the world.

Table of Free Voices

Back in Berlin – still feeling ‘global’.

September 7th, 2006

I cannot believe it yet, but I am back in my ‘old’ hometown Berlin after a wonderful trip to ‘the other end’ of this planet.

Having arrived one of the first things for me was to go to the supermarket to fill up the fridge with some basic german groceries I missed, like good dark and tasty bread, mozarella (okay this is not a German kind of cheese, but I missed to get some really good one in New Zealand), my favourite vegi spread, nutella (oh, I just realise, this is an italian product, too!) etc.

Though, what I actually want to tell about is the poster I saw on the way to the supermarket: The Black Seeds are playing in Berlin (at Silvewings on Friday 8th) this weekend! Wow, we truely live in a global age. I just saw them two weeks ago play in Wellington, together with the Opensouls who’s performance I enjoyed almost more I have to admit.

Well, to anyone out there who likes Reggae mixed with Soul, Funk and Dub should definitely go and see them as I am sure they will bring some New Zealand spirit and looseness to Berlin.


Life is too short to be slim!

August 18th, 2006

This was written on the wall of a wonderful restaurant I visited today in Queenstown (Solera on 25 Beach Street, Queenstown, NZ, Phone: 0064 03 442 6082). I had the best meal in a restaurant within the last two and a half months of my stay here in New Zealand. (Not the best meal in general though, as the food we had at Mike’s in Wellington on a Tuesday Night was even better! – Thanks Mike and everyone attending for that!!!).

To anyone travelling to Queenstown or living here and looking for a wonderful atmosphere AND delicious food made with much attention: check out the SOLERA. The chefs there are brilliant, the service is ‘naturally friendly’ and there is a beautiful warm fire place, too.

The good thing about this lovely restaurant: They cook with far less fat than many other restaurants in New Zealand I have been to. So actually you do only have to worry about your figure if you can’t stop ordering more of their delicious dished and desserts…

Lovely neighbours

August 1st, 2006

About three weeks ago I met a very nice woman on the bus and we found out to be neighbours and chattet about her daughter travelling through Europe, about Wellington, the Film Festival etc. When we got out of the bus she asked me about my adress because she wanted to bring a fruit cake over to me. I told her she need not to do that, but I could not ‘convince’ her…. so yesterday when I was just packing my things to go back to Auckland, she knocked on the door and braught this wonderful and yummy fruit cake!

I am stunned about the friendlyness of her. I hope I can find a good way of saying “thank you” to her. Anyway this post is dedicated to her and to all the wonderful people in the world who care about their neigbours and the people around them! I will take her as an example to hopefully cheer up peoples days and lifes with nice words or actions, too. THANK YOU PAULINE!

fruit bread

Dirt is good!?

July 10th, 2006

Somehow this slogan “dirt is good” had come across several times before I actually captured it on my mobilephone when I saw it in on a Persil package for washingpowder in a supermarket in Wellington/NZ. And today I finally bought such a Persil package – in fact only because I thought it was worth a little note here in my blog. (This might be an interesting fact for people working in advertising/marketing research!?)

Quite a good idea for a campaign I reckon. Take a look at the NZ website if you like: http://www.persildirtisgood.co.nz/ Unsurprisingly you can e.g. find some recipies for MUD PIES* (*a phenomenom in NZ about which I shall soon write another article in this blog).

Some might know already, that dirt is not only good in New Zealand: On the UK site they have over done it as I think: http://www.dirtisgood.co.uk/ The slogan here is extended just a bit too much for my taste: dirt is learning!? … funny though: “The United Kingdom of Dirt” – haha – with tips for trips and so on.

Well, anyone interested in some more “serious” talk on this issue can check an article on BBC News from Peter Day.


Nice people. Nice food.

July 6th, 2006

That I really do like this country very much is something that in a way meets my expectations.

But that I become to like New Zealand more and more is behalf of the wonderful people I meet here and becaus of little things that brighten up the rainy and stormy days here… just like this little flowery image on a really yummy ‘Blackberry Smoothie’:

nice food